First we hit some clubs down in Ybor City, finally ending up in a champagne-soaked, half-naked orgy of New Year festivities where we caroused until the sun came up.

Wait, that’s not what happened.

For reasons that will be obvious to even the most casual readers of this site, we all celebrated the arrival of the New Year in full-bore domesticated style, butts planted on the couch watching TV. Drinking and nudity were had in abundance, but primarily in the form of nursing and diaper changes. Some drug use, too – with cough syrup as the drug of choice for the three of us fighting off sinus infections.

The real excitement of the evening was skipping all the Times Square tripe on the tube and catching up on the first half of the first season of Lost. I highly recommend it, by the way; both the show and the DVD set as a means of watching it. We scoffed at the commercial breaks; we popped episodes one after another like crack-flavored potato chips. The power went out shortly after midnight – probably the result of a badly-supervised teenager with too many fireworks at his disposal – so we switched the DVDs over to my laptop until the battery was almost dead. The power came on just as we crawled into bed about three in the morning.

The biggest change of the coming year, my newborn son, continues to be an enigma to me. The tricks of handling a newborn have long faded from my memory as Alex has grown up into a wonderful boy with ever-better communications skills. When Nate is unhappy, Nate just screams or cries, and there’s almost nothing Daddy can do to console him. Even Alex, who has been very loving so far, muttered at one point, “Baby go home!”

Dineen will be taking a few weeks off work and her mother is staying with us for a bit longer, so between the two of them they’ll be able to get Nate adjusted to living here, which will allow the rest of us to adjust to Nate living here. In the meantime, we’ll all be struggling to get enough sleep. I may end up taking involuntary naps at work.

The couch, it beckons.

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