Recall my post the other day about “ink by the barrel“?

That post was more prescient than my football picks. Tiff’s story got picked up by the Consumerist, Instapundit, and Doc Searls.

She’s gotten more eyeballs in three days than I’ve gotten total since I started blogging more than six years ago. And 90% of those eyeballs will never use the offending ISP as a web host – not because of the service suspension, but because of the post-suspension jackassery about trademark law and trying to get her pulled from her new web host.

And as one might expect, the owner of the ISP still doesn’t understand that it’s not about gay porn, it’s about trying to silence opposing viewpoints by abuse of legal process. That’s why he’s been vilified by most of his former target market. Because information wants to be free, but some people still don’t get it.

Let’s just say… it got brung.

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