A Dean of Our Own

by Mike on 11/22/2006

in Mob Rule, Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity

Just posted on RedState:

As DNC Chair, Dean didn’t disappoint… his opponents. He said things like, “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for…” and accused the President of playing “hide the salami” with Supreme Court nominations. He even felt compelled, during an “interesting conversation” about “dog pee,” to warn a class of 8th grades not to drink urine. Dean as DNC Chair was the gift that kept on giving.

But never fear, the Stupid Party, as Bob Novak called the GOP, would even the score in 2006 by putting Mel Martinez as the face of the RNC. After a string of skilled persuaders like Marc Racicot, Ed Gillespie, and Ken Mehlman, the party could have chosen someone like Michael Steele, another skilled persuader, or possibly dozens of others. In the wake of voter repudiation of Congress, we could have gone for someone outside of Washington. There were probably dozens of excellent men and women to choose from. Instead, we chose Mel Martinez.

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