Latest Vegas BCS Book

by Mike on 1/9/2007

in Pigskin

As the BCS Championship winds down, there’s no rest for the bookies. Here are the latest odds, home teams in ALL CAPS:

  1. Urban Meyer coaching in the NFL next year +3.5 over MEYER COACHING IN THE NCAA NEXT YEAR: He’s never coached anywhere longer than two years – why break the streak now? Besides, the Dolphins need a coach and have some extra cash.
  2. Division I playoffs +1 over DIVISION I POLL RANKINGS: I didn’t buy in to the whole playoff argument until just about an hour ago. Playoff do tend to reduce flukes.
  3. COLLEGE FOOTBALL DEAD TO ME +6 over College football on notice: Why do I keep coming back, only to be treated like this?
  4. FLORIDA GATORS REMAIN THIRD BEST TRADITION IN FLORIDA +9 over Florida Gators jump in tradition rankings: Win another one, then I’ll be impressed.
  5. Bookies who were in on the fix +17 over BOOKIES LEFT OUT OF THE LOOP: Is there anyone not a Gator, who thinks this game wasn’t fixed?
  6. Boise State considered National Champions +3 over EVERY OTHER TEAM WHO LOST TO SOMEONE: “Boise State should have its players, in full uniform, storm the trophy presentation to whichever school wins the game tonight and demand a shot at the title.”
  7. ME COMING UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL +2 over Me ripping off With Leather again: Those of you who have been around know better.

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