Austin, Here We Come

by Mike on 3/8/2007

in SxSW

Back From the Dead

After two years with no Wasylik delegation, this year’s SxSW Interactive festival benefits from not one, not two, but four of us joining the tribe.

Distressingly Sober

Unlike previous years, involving copious amounts of alcohol and the occasional indiscretion, we’ll be observing this year with sobriety and moderation.

I’ll wait until you’re done laughing.

No, don’t mind me. I’ll just wait.

My Wife is a Panelist. Hawt.

Done? OK, then. Yes, Dineen will be charming and informative at the same time as she presents her panel, “Journalism in the Blogosphere: A Legal Guide to Internet ‘Press’“, which you should all attend if you don’t want to get sued.

Find Me

I am looking forward to seeing old friends, introducing them to my kids, and having an overall great time, even if it won’t be hoisting tequila shots. I’ll probably just overeat instead. So if you’ll be in Austin this weekend, and want to hook up, drop me a line here or keep an eye on Twitter to see where we’re hanging.

Also, I may periodically update this blog. No, tuck away your disbelief. Add me to your favorite feed-reader to keep up with that.

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