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by Mike on 3/28/2007

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As part of the Perpetual Beta Blogrolling Project, I’m pleased to announce that today’s featured blog is the Illinois Trial Practice Weblog, run by blawger and alleged Illinois trial attorney Evan Schaffer.

ITP is primarily useful for those who find themselves in a My Cousin Vinny-like situation in downstate Illinois: rules of evidence, courtroom demeanor, and dealing with obstreperous judges. (Spelled that one right on the first try! Go me.) But may also it may benefit to those who are not in Illinois, not on trial, and have never practiced for anything. It’s chock full of generic how-to’s and how-not-to’s, like this tip on How To Track Changes in MS Word. Note that you don’t even have to be a lawyer to understand or apply that — it means Evan’s probably talking down to you.

So if you’re a lawyer, from Illinois, and you’re in the courtroom on a regular basis, ITP should be on your regular reading list. If you’re a vacuum-cleaner sales rep from Topeka, it should be on your reading list too, just in case you ever find yourself in Kankakee on trial for shooting a convenience store clerk.

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