See Me Speak at SXSW 2008: Web Accessibility and the Law

by Mike on 3/8/2008

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If you run a business, and you have a website, you may or may not know whether disabled users – the blind, the mobility-impaired, and others – can access your web site with their helper technology. And, from a lawyer’s perspective, even more important, you may not know whether you are violating federal law if you fail to make your web site accessible to those disabled users.

See me speak at SxSW 2008

Targeting Your Web Site: Accessibility Litigation Update

If you’re in Austin attending the South by Southwest Interactive conference this week, you’re in luck. I, along with my co-panelist Anitra Pavka, will explain how recent cases in the U.S. have changed the way disability law applies to private business websites, the potential pitfalls of violating the law, and some measures you can take immediately to make sure that your website is accessible for all users and fully complies with legal accessibility requirements.

(Room C at the Austin Convention Center, Level 1, 5:00pm, Monday March 10, 2008)

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