Crush the Websites That Are Stealing Your Content

Copy, written.

by Mike on 3/29/2009

in Copycat Law, First We Kill All the Lawyers, The Intarweb, Webloggia

Write for a blog long enough, it’s bound to happen. You see a link in your referrer logs, find something on Google, get an email from a reader… you follow the link, and there it is: your hard work, spread across someone else’s page, used as bait for ad revenue or something worse.

David Risley asks the question: How do you deal with web sites that steal your content?

Personally, I’ve dealt with it in two ways. First, I contact the offender directly and ask them to take the post down. This usually works, because anyone who’s copied my work knows what I do for a living. If I can’t contact the webmaster, I next contact the web host.

So far, problem solved, every time.

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