Guess who’s turning 10 today?

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by Mike on 12/11/2009

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Back in the closing days of the last century, roughly a Spartan military unit of us tried our hand at this little thing called “blogging.”

One of those brave souls, who persists to this day, is Sean Hackbarth, the author of “The American Mind.” Now, Sean is clearly a bullshit artist and a suck-up where he claims to have been inspired by yours truly, but let the record show that new media was not always the province of the liberal; even in the early days of blogging there were guys like Sean giving the viewpoint from the right-of-center. (He’s so good, I once even handed him the keys to my own site.)

Five years ago, Sean said “Five years from now, I can see myself still posting, still commenting on political economy, sports, music, and whatever catches my eye.” Well, he still is, and five years from now, I predict he’ll still be at it. Happy tenth, Sean, and may the next decade be good to you.

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