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by Mike on 2/27/2010

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Automatic SEO on the fly

Think you know everything there is to know abut SEO? Think you’ve got everything SEO-wise covered with your blog?

Yeah, so does everyone else.

But every once in a while, you leave something important out of your title. Or you accidentally stuff too many keywords in a post. Or you overlook one of dozens of optimizations that would give your site a slight edge over the competition.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an automatic reminder? A helpful assistant looking over your shoulder, altering you to the opportunity to make your post even a little bit easer for people to find?

You know it would be. That’s why, if you have a WordPress blog (and later, other systems) and you want people to find the things you write about, you can benefit from signing up for the new SEO service from the same folks that brought you Copyblogger and Thesis. That service is ScribeSEO.

This is not an affiliate link.

My links to ScribeSEO are not affiliate links. That’s not how I make my money. (I’m a lawyer, not a pro blogger.) But this service is so neat, and promises to be so helpful for squeezing that last bit of SEO juice out of every post, that I want to write about it.

It’s simple to sign up: install the plugin, and then select a service plan. You’ll get an API key that you plug right into the Scribe settings page in your WordPress dashboard. And then, you’re ready to optimize.

Okay, but what does Scribe SEO do?

When you write a blog post, ScribeSEO first tells you if there’s something missing – a custom title, keyword selection, or – Heaven forbid! – actual content. Once you pass those initial three checkpoints, you can press the “analyze” button and ScribeSEO checks the post out for keyword density, keyword position, post length, title length, number of links, and so on… and then you how to fix any flaw in your post that would stop it from getting the best possible reaction from the most common search engines.


But I’m not a blogger!

Guess what? Doesn’t matter. I have a non-blog website that runs entirely on WordPress, using that back-end as a content-management system. There are no blog posts – only “pages” of a more-or-less static variety. And ScribeSEO works on them too. Basic info pages? No problem. Landing pages? Just as easy, and even more important to get right. If you’re using WordPress and any theme or plugin that allows for SEO tweaking (such as the free All-In-One SEO plugin, or the Thesis or Headway themes, to name just two) then you you’re ready to roll.

Zealot-friendly license

Here’s good news for you folks who think the GPL applies to any PHP script that runs in or near a computer that’s ever had WordPress installed: the ScribeSEO plugin is released under the GPL. (It’s a service-based pay model.) So breathe easy.

This is STILL not an affiliate link.

Yup, I’m still not making money off this. And you can try out ScribeSEO for yourself without paying a dime – they’ve got a free test drive. (And if you’re both clever and unscrupulous, you can probably figure out how to get multiple test free test drives. But don’t be a jerk.) Try it for yourself – and if you don’t love it, I’ll refund to you every penny I ever make off your purchase. (In case you’re not paying attention… that’s none.)

  • Patrick K. O'Brien

    Hi Mike.

    Decent review. Not sure what you have against affiliates, but I thought I'd stop by and say hello as I'm the evil, unofficial, SOB affiliate on Twitter who helped solve your purchase problem so you'd get the early-bird price, even though you didn't buy Scribe using my affiliate link (don't be such a hater).


    P.S. My humor and the Saraha – two great climates that go great together. ;-)

    P.P.S. At least let me put a link to my own Scribe SEO review.

  • Patrick K. O'Brien

    Saraha? What the heck is a Saraha? Pretty sure I meant to type Sahara. Like, you know, that dessert place…

  • Brenda Cuby

    I signed up for the Scribe plugin as SEO is not my forte and it is really great, thanks for a great post on it.

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