Yesterday afternoon, sometime between 3 and 4pm, I tried to pull up the Florida Bar website, which was working fine – albeit with its usual lack of speed – earlier in the day.

What came up was a typical domain-squatter page that you’ve seen on any domain that was once used but let go by the owner.

So, what happened? Did someone forget to pay for the registration over there? Did they get hacked? Or did they abandon the site?

Web site management, ostrich-style

I called over to the Bar yesterday to alert them to the problem. The pleasant lady who answered the phone sweetly assured me that there was no problem with the web site. I told her that I couldn’t access it and if anyone else reported it, she might want to have someone check on it.

So today, almost 20 hours later, still no progress. Just another example of how the Florida Bar doesn’t understand technology .


Others have noticed this too. Here are some of today’s search term hits:

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The Florida Bar website – which I can now see – has the following message posted:

Access to our Web site is currently being affected by an incorrect DNS record on the Internet. The issue has been resolved, however, it is possible that access problems may continue for up to 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Thanks, Tiff.)

  • Mark Couvillion

    Mike, It resolves for me to Is it maybe a cookie issue on your machine?

  • mikewas

    Maybe your DNS has propagated differently. I'm not the only lawyer who's observed this problem.

  • Tiffany Bridge

    I can see the site, which contains a message apologizing for the inconvenience you may be experiencing with viewing the site and blaming the problem on an incorrect DNS record. Because, if you can't see the site because of messed up DNS, the first place you would go for information on the problem is to the site you CAN'T SEE.

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