Foreclosure affidavits: why one judge thinks they’re garbage

by Mike on 4/13/2010

in First We Kill All the Lawyers, Foreclosure

Once in a very great while, a lawyer gets to be part of something amazing. Last week, I got my turn, when I saw a judge take a complete 180-degree reversal of himself and throw out his own order granting a foreclosure sale, and pronounce his deep-rooted concern that many of the foreclosures granted by Florida courts in the past few years were probably illegal.

Some of the highlights:

  • when the judge admits that he’s “pummeling” the plaintiff’s lawyer
  • when the plaintiff’s lawyer admits he doesn’t even have a copy of the motion we’re arguing
  • when the judge calls for an investigation whether many of the people who act as witnesses for the banks should be charged with perjury

Days like this make up for all the days that aren’t like this.

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