about release

What’s in a name? The Perpetual Beta name reflects that everything you’ll find on this domain is a work in progress. In simplest terms, “release” is simply an extension of that name and concept: you’re looking at a beta release.

The word “release” has other meanings, though. To release means to liberate, to relinquish, to emit, to distribute, to express oneself. This new incarnation is all of these and more.

a look back

On November 19, 1999, the concept of a “weblog” was virtually unknown. Only a few hundred weblogs existed; most of the authors knew or knew of each other. On that day, my first weblog was born. I maintained it on and off for years, finally shutting down on the fifth anniversary of my first weblog. When I started I was one of just a few pioneers, and every post was a substantial contribution. By the time I stopped there were millions of weblogs, and my efforts were a drop in the digital ocean. Even so, my writings mattered to me… until they no longer did. So I stopped.

After a full year hiatus, I feel like I need an outlet again. Release will be that outlet.

about the author

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