Cold Hard Cash

No one ever said his deathbed, “I’d wish I spent more time interacting with gas pumps.” But in the attempt to make those pumps more interactive, more entertaining, and most of all, more profitable, it seems this is exactly what gas stations are trying to do—make every interaction I have with a gas pump longer, […]


Want to use a toll road, but don’t have change or a pre-paid device like SunPass? Soon, all you’ll need is a license plate – and a high tolerance for being tracked wherever you go. The St. Pete Times reports that Tampa’s Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway will ditch all toll booths as soon as […]


Last year, I promised: “Next year, I’m writing about prison rape.” Close your eyes and think of America It’s tax time, and as always, our thoughts here turn to the forcible penetration of our wallets and our privacy by a government in full tumescence, turgid and needy, far too large for its proper place in […]


You’ve got a dirty little mind, don’t you? As tax time approaches, we watch our government borrow more heavily than ever to soothe the economic chafing caused by, well, borrowing too much money, ultimately increasing the amount of money we’re going to have to send to Uncle Sugar next year at this time, some of […]

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Having trouble selling your home in this sagging real estate market? Clementina Marie Giovannetti of Ocala, Florida, apparently was, too. So she’s decided to give her $1.25 million mansion away. Crazy? Don’t answer yet. She’s having a contest, and the submission of the winning “Pet Lover” essay gets the house. Contestants have to write a […]


Consumerist reports that – suprise! – Cingular continues to find new ways to screw its customers. Beckie is a reader who started out with a cell phone from a small company that got bought by AT&T. As you well know, AT&T was bought by Cingular. A few months later, Beckie received a letter from Cingular […]


Getting the Switch

by Mike on 4/17/2006

in Cold Hard Cash, Mob Rule

My grandparents, like most of their generation, believed in giving their kids a spanking when discipline was required. Some spankings called for the willow switch, which hard-spanking parents never kept handy in the house. They always sent the kid out to pick one. Dread surging, the about-to-be-spanked child walked slowly out to the tree, took […]


Billing on Paper

by Mike on 3/14/2006

in Cold Hard Cash

A few days ago I lamented the lack of useful billing software packages for Apple. Today I discovered I’m not the only one who feels the pain. Web design firm Blue Flavor does too. One would think that this is a problem that has been solved, but we’ve had a hell of a time getting […]


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