Cold Hard Cash

Recall my post the other day about “ink by the barrel“? That post was more prescient than my football picks. Tiff’s story got picked up by the Consumerist, Instapundit, and Doc Searls. She’s gotten more eyeballs in three days than I’ve gotten total since I started blogging more than six years ago. And 90% of […]


This week saw some significant revelations in the comedy of errors that we all know as the Xbox360 launch. In the wake of widespread reports of defects in the console, a Chicago man has filed what promises to be a significant class-action products-liability lawsuit against Microsoft. The proposed class action suit claims that in Microsoft’s […]


The Productivity Boom

by Mike on 12/8/2005

in Cold Hard Cash, Mob Rule

RedState reports that non-farm economic productivity has skyrocketed in the last four years – an astonishing 17%. The previous high-water mark was 12.8% for 1961 – 1960. Why is this important? Productivity is a key factor that determines whether living standards are improving. Productivity gains allow companies to pay workers more from their increased production […]


So let’s say I drive up to a McDonald’s drive-through window with my son. The boy, who is two and a half, typically ges the kid’s meal. Being two and a half, he pretty much eats anything in nugget form, and disdains foods not available as nuggets (unless they serve as a vehicle for ketchup […]


Business Power Tools

by Mike on 11/29/2005

in Cold Hard Cash

Via 37 signals: Nick Denton’s Startup kit – the tools he and his companies use. Some of these look just right for a small law firm to adopt.


Gas Prices Down to $2.19

by Mike on 11/22/2005

in Cold Hard Cash

On my way in to work I saw the local discount gas retailer hawking gas for only $2.19 – prices I last saw almost a year ago. By comparison, picking up a six-pack of a decent beer will cost you about five bucks. That’s $8.88 per gallon. (128 fluid ounces per gallon, 72 fluid ounces […]