Best of Release

We didn’t start the fire How many people can say they were on the front lines of a revolution? Ten years ago, inspired by some pretty interesting people, I started a little blog. At that time, there were roughly three hundred webloggers in the world, and most of us knew each other. There were few […]


With just under two miles to go, my legs were frozen in agony. I tried relaxing the foot, and was rewarded with the kind of pain I would expect if I had detached the calf on one end, tied it to a tree, and kept walking.


Ping, said the ball as it left the aluminum bat, and sailed over the head of the second baseman. I made it to first base before the outfielder could collect it, and so in three years of Little League, I can claim that one hit to my name.

I was ten, and my playing experience permanently colored my opinion of baseball. Playing outfield bored me; batting terrified me. Why would I spend any more time on a pastime that I didn’t enjoy?

The damage to my relationship with baseball endured long into my adulthood. I went to the occasional baseball game as a social event – Wrigley Field to get drunk watching the Cubs lose; Camden Yards to hobnob with my wife’s law firm in the skyboxes; even a couple of games here in Tampa because it seemed like a “cool dad” thing to do with my boys. Otherwise, baseball was not in my life and I didn’t miss it a bit.

Then, in late August, it looked like the Rays were going to make a run to win the division. I caught the beginning of one game by accident while having dinner with the boys; we went home and watched the rest. It was the first time I can remember intentionally watching baseball on TV.


NOTE: I’m writing more about this at the Florida Foreclosure Fraud weblog. Florida’s new Foreclosure Rescue Fraud law Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed a new law which imposes broad-ranging restrictions on so-called “foreclosure rescue” service providers. The well-intentioned bill is meant to curb the worst abuses by bottom-feeding predators who use foreclosure as […]


Do you know the significance of this number? 13,256,278,887,989,457,651,018,865,901,401,704,640 It’s currently at the heart of a battle over First Amendment rights. Some think it’s hexed.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Florida lawyer Michael Alex Wasylik announced that he has filed suit today in U.S. District Court in Tampa against Chicago-based web application firm 37Signals. The suit alleges trademark infringement of the Perpetual Beta name and seeks damages in the amount of 13 signals – just over one-third of the company. “I’ve ben […]


One of the most persistent myths in the area of copyright law is the notion that wrapping something in an envelope, mailing it to yourself, and then holding onto the delivered envelope somehow helps you protect your legal rights as the creator of a work. The “envelope method” not only doesn’t work, using it may […]


I have a metal comb. It’s the single material possession I inherited from my grandfather, Alex. His name I carry as my middle name, and have bestowed to my first son. Grandpa Alex was a barber. He had a barber shop in his house in a small town in Ohio, and that metal comb is […]


ZFS. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? But when Daring Fireball reported that Apple’s OS X 10.5, code-named Leopard, would include support the new file system, I had to do some poking around. Turns out that this method of storing your computer files will bring about Armageddon. Don’t believe me? Just look: ZFS is a 128-bit file […]