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Alex and Nate went charter fishing with Grandpa, a photo by MikeWas on Flickr.


The season opens The day I’ve been waiting for all summer has finally arrived—the start of running season. Here in Florida, June through August, and even into September, are just too damned hot to run seriously outdoors unless you have a hankering for heat stroke. But once fall hits, and temperatures drop below 90 for […]


Most of all, this message is for Evan Longoria and David Price. You’ve got the best record in all of baseball the American League, playing in the toughest division in baseball. You’re one game away from clinching the second playoff berth in team history. And yet you’re forced to wonder: where the hell are the […]


What will Justice Kagan wear? The famous David Lat points to a Slate article asking whether the newly-confirmed Justice Kagan will wear the frilly “jabot” neckpiece favored by other female justices O’Connor and Ginsburg, or if she’ll go the route Justice Sotomayor has taken and just pick discreet necklines under the robes. Did you know […]


A tag cloud of search terms people used to find this site this week.


Want to use a toll road, but don’t have change or a pre-paid device like SunPass? Soon, all you’ll need is a license plate – and a high tolerance for being tracked wherever you go. The St. Pete Times reports that Tampa’s Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway will ditch all toll booths as soon as […]


Need a fresh start? Want to live like Jason Bourne? Or just need a backup plan in case everything goes all to hell? Apparently, one way to do that up until now has been to get a fake birth certificate from Puerto Rico, then leverage that into a United States passport. “There are so many […]


Last year, I promised: “Next year, I’m writing about prison rape.” Close your eyes and think of America It’s tax time, and as always, our thoughts here turn to the forcible penetration of our wallets and our privacy by a government in full tumescence, turgid and needy, far too large for its proper place in […]


Easter Bunny

by Mike on 4/3/2010

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Easter Bunny Originally uploaded by MikeWas Have a Happy Easter, everyone! (It’s worth clicking through to see the whole set)