Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat

The season opens The day I’ve been waiting for all summer has finally arrived—the start of running season. Here in Florida, June through August, and even into September, are just too damned hot to run seriously outdoors unless you have a hankering for heat stroke. But once fall hits, and temperatures drop below 90 for […]


I did it. Sometime after I started seriously running just under two years ago, part of me decided that it wasn’t enough to run a 5K, or a 10K – I would someday run a marathon. Nevermind that the longest I’d ever run before was 6 miles, back when I was 18 and invincible. Somehow, […]


Only a tiny fraction of people on the planet have ever completed a marathon – by some estimates, only a fraction of one percent. On Sunday, I plan to join that elite club, with a goal of finishing in five hours or less. Am I nervous? Hell, yes. Do I think I’ll do it? Same […]


Training log – final long run Originally uploaded by MikeWas I’ve now completed my last long run before tapering for the Disney Marathon on Jan. 10. Today was a 20-miler in 3:57. For the first time, I think I’m ready.


Eighteen miles, in a car, is not far at all. It’s a brief excursion; a side trip; a short jaunt. On two feet, eighteen miles is brutal. Thirteen? Doable. Fifteen? Challenging, but still enjoyable. Eighteen miles is pain – a totally different beast from the slightly shorter distances. I’ve tried it twice now, once by […]


Sunrises and dolphins The lunatic ran along the edge of the bay, under the just-risen sun. It was 7:30 in the morning, and the lunatic was just finishing his eleventh mile. The lunatic hit a milestone just before the fourteen-mile marker. It was the longest distance he’d ever run. As if to celebrate the accomplishment, […]


With just under two miles to go, my legs were frozen in agony. I tried relaxing the foot, and was rewarded with the kind of pain I would expect if I had detached the calf on one end, tied it to a tree, and kept walking.


Back At It A Good Start and a Frustrating Stop After a seemingly strong start, and then a bit of a setback, I’ve been pounding pavement again. July and August were a bit frustrating, but on Labor Day I was able to run the Nike+ 10K (on a treadmill, on vacation, but I did it.) […]


If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for my next running report, you’ve probably been sadly disappointed. Then again, if you cared that much about it, then odds are you’re already one of the people who knows I’ve been nursing a leg injury these last several weeks. Warming up for my last race, on May […]