Instead of putting a generic URL in your Twitter profile, some folks think it’s better to have a custom “landing page” meant especially for Twitter users to learn more about you. In lieu of actual fun, I thought I’d try that out.

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Write for a blog long enough, it’s bound to happen. You see a link in your referrer logs, find something on Google, get an email from a reader… you follow the link, and there it is: your hard work, spread across someone else’s page, used as bait for ad revenue or something worse. David Risley […]


Nine Years.

by Mike on 11/19/2008

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Nine years ago today, I became one of approximately 300 people in the world who had something called a “weblog.” It was hosted on AOL. I wrote it in MS Notepad. I’m under no delusion that it was very good, then or now. At the time, blogging was cutting-edge. Now, it’s a punchline. A marketing […]


A good friend of mine has started blogging about politics. His site? Keep 1600. Only a few posts are up now, but it looks like the bug has bitten him hard.


So how come I never met this guy? He lives in Florida, is an FSU fan, a Mac user, and a Halo player. I’m sure we’d get along famously. My Orlando friends have some ‘splainin to do.


OK, I admit I’m back-dating this. November 19 came and went and I didn’t even notice. So why bother to go back and add something now? Because, eight years after my very first weblog post (hello, awful pseudo-futuristic “interface”!) the very notion of a “blogiversary” has ceased to become remarkable. To maintain a weblog for […]


RIAA Keep your Hands Off My iPod by (_nickd) By the way, the site that led me to the previous post is a pretty good read if you’ve got a law degree and a strong sense of sticking it to The Man. Recording Industry vs The People chronicles all the pending court battles, the tactics, […]


I’ll let Matt say it: I recently realized there are a lot of people trying to make a living from blogging but there aren’t a lot of sites with basic business advice for people doing it. I figured maybe it’d help some people out if I wrote up how to find a good accountant or […]


Christine wants to be number one again.