July 17, 2002

One Down, One to Go

WHOIS smug.com.

This one is a story of customer service done right - even for someone who's not a customer. When smug.com got lifted, the perpetrator used bulkregister.com as their registrar. When bulkregister.com got notice of the situation, company rep Donna made contact to say that she had attempted to verify the new "registrant" to no avail.

After a reasonable time for the "registrant" to reply to confirmation efforts, bulkregister.com agreed to return the domain. Donna, who had just gotten back from vacation, bumped this to high priority and handled the change in just a couple of days. Service like that builds tremendous goodwill and really isn't that much more difficult than the alternative. Kudos to bulkregister.com for having the good sense to hire folks like this and allowing them to do good work.

Posted by wasylik at July 17, 2002 10:07 AM