November 23, 2002

SXSW 2003

It's official. I will once again be a panelist at SXSW Interactive, speaking again on the topic of legal matters on the Freelancer track. Last year's discussion generated a lot of interest due to the flood of self-employed interactive folk hitting the market. Ths year, I expect we'll see some new topics as last year's new businesses have matured and a host of new entreprenuers have gone out on their own.

SXSW takes place every March in Austin, Texas and is a great chance to meet others who are passionate about the web, music, and film. As the event approaches, more of us will be talking on the SXSWBlog - many conference verterans will be able to answer questions about what it's like to go. It's always a blast and you'll learn a lot more than you might expect.

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