March 09, 2003


The last 36 hours of so have been a blast. I got into town about 4 pm Austin time, just enough time to go for a quick run around downtown Austin before the festivities began.

The waves of good feeling washed over me before the plane even landed. I looked out the plane window and saw the sun baking the Texas earth. I cracked a huge grin anticpating warmth I had not felt for months. Off the plane, I immediately ran into Nikolai, and we shared a cab downtown.

The weather was in fact gorgeous as I ran from the hotel and down along the river. Scores of natives were out and about, most doing the same thign as me, but most of them were also in far better shape than me. Yes, if you were along the riverfront Friday afternoon, I was the wheezing pale dude in the running shorts.

Break Bread with Brad followed, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that seventy or so people were in attendance. We were at Stubb's BBQ, which was the scene of many fun times in previous years. This year, it was a scene of gluttony. That part of the night was cut short because Lorette Lynn - how dare she - was playing the joint, and we had to clear out the space for the VIP crowd.

I met Ernie the Attorney and we ended up talking for quite a while about the intersection of blogging and the law. I had the fun of introducing him to the other Ernie.

Cam helped me write this entry:

blah blah blah, cam is great.

Pithy, isn't he?

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