May 04, 2003

Move-In Day

When I went off to college, my parents came up with me to help me move in. Mom had all the nifty ideas for decor - and since it was the 80's I won't reveal what they were - and Dad and I did a lot of lifting boxes and suitcases full of my worldly possessions. When my sister went to college a few years later, we repeated the scene - the whole family hopped in the car and spent the weekend creating the perfect environment for her to live. I'm sure there were lots more examples of my parents doing this over the years, but these are the two that came to mind today.

This Sunday, Dineen and I - with her mom's substantial help - spent much of the day starting to prepare the perfect living environment for our own child. I found myself with a roller of yellow paint, standing on a stepladder, realizing how I'm coming full circle, from being coddled and cared-for to doing manual labor for a little person I haven't even met yet.

The room is coming along nicely, but with move-in just over a month away, we've still got a lot of work yet to do.

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