September 25, 2003

Best Comeback Ever

If you took my silence to mean I was busy, you would have been right.

Busy kicking ass.

I took on a new case in April, representing some out of state defendants getting sued here in Virginia. I took over from a Very Large Firm in Virginia that decided it just couldn't handle the case, and when I got the file, I discovered that the Very Large Firm had been busy screwing the case up - waiving crucial defenses, blowing deadlines, even failing to notify the clients about a critical hearing so that no one appeared.

It felt like a suicide run, but I believed my clients were wrongly accused and so I dug in.

Five months, two continuances, three major hearings, numerous phone calls, and too many attorney-hours later, the Plaintiff ran up the white flag. Total surrender.

There were a lot of factors that played into it, but the main one was finding the weak spot and latching onto it like a bulldog. The net result is that opposing counsel is reeling from an unexpected defeat, and those clients are probably mine for life. (They now preface lawyer jokes with "Except for Mike...")

I feel great about the job I've done, and I learned a powerful lesson about the Large Firm mentality. If you're a Fortune 500 company, you'll get great service from a Very Large Firm. If not, you'll fall through their cracks. Go with someone who will commit to your cause.

My clients did, and boy, are they glad.

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