March 21, 2004

Getting Things Done

Along with Ernie , a number of bloggers are discovering the "Getting Things Done" system by David Allen's consulting firm.

I first heard of the method from one of the law-related e-mail lists I subscribe to, probably MacLaw. The GTD method is especially powerful for lawyers who have to juggle hundreds or thousands of time-sensitive details and minutia. It's no surprise that lawyers like Rick Klau, Sherry Fowler, and Buzz Bruggeman swear by the system.

The method was even mentioned at the Emerging Tech conference last February, (see the "Recommended Reading" at the bottom) as part of the "Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks" session. Alpha Geeks like Robert Scoble have joined the ranks, proclaiming that a day-long session changed his life. Jeff Sandquist got the Outlook plug-in for the GTD system. I'm sure there are a lot of other Alpha Geeks out there using it as well.

The David Allen website features user forums for those who want to see how people are implementing the system. There's also a "Coaches' Corner" with columns from the various coaching staff and coach Jason Womack even has a weblog. (or two?)

Joel on Software has some reader tips.

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