November 02, 2004

I Voted

I voted.

It took me over an hour, since I arrived at the polling place just after 9:00 am, but by the time I got to the voting booth the line had dwindled significantly.

Virginia has two constitutional amendments on the ballot, which I did not realize before today. I asked a poll worker for the text of the two amendments; he handed me a summary. I repeated my request; he went and found a summary of the two bond proposals. I shrugged and figured I would vote against any amendments I hadn't read verbatim.

Fortunately, the actual text was posted inside, and I saw that they were both reasonable and proper subjects for constitutional amendments (providing for succession of the governor, and clarifying that decennial redistricting would take effect after the completion of the then-current terms of the officeholders). I politely flagged down the poll worker and showed him what I had been looking for, and he seemed a bit sheepish.

My write-in vote went more smoothly than I expected. I just tapped the "write-in" button on the screen, typed the name "JOHN MCCAIN" (Virginia apparently figures all write-in voters are shouters) and hit enter.

I voted. Did you?

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