[September 16, 2000]

What a day... On the one hand, the Noles beat the Tarheels like a scene from Mommie Dearest (63-14), but Northwestern got pummeld by TCU 41-14. Of course, ABC ruined the FSU game by cutting away at halftime to some candy-ass UCLA-Michigan matchup. Not a satellite signal to be had. We want none of that in the future, I assure you. W

Installed Eudora 5.0? Got really teeny tiny fonts (like this maybe?) on your MSIE browser? Matt knows what went wrong:

When you use the Microsoft viewer for email, it shrinks the font size on IE down one size. Open IE and go to View - Text size - Medium to go back to normal. Close IE. Open Eudora and read mail, and go back to IE. If the fonts got small again, go into eudora options and disable the microsoft viewer for reading email (but if you do this, html email will suck, but it's not that bad, you can always right click a message and say "send to browser")

Because of course, Matt is a rock star. W

Al Gore: Joke Thief. As if anyone is surprised. W

Evan's pic of the day the other day reminds me of a picture I took on May 13, 2000W

[September 15, 2000]

Vote for Harry Browne

One thing the recent ďRATĒ flap has made painfully obvious is the absolute inability of Governor Bush to adequately handle anything the isnít pre-scripted. He has almost no ability to think on his feet. Although heís never claimed to be a rocket scientist, and I think extreme intelligence is neither a sufficient nor a necessary qualification for the office of President (some of our smartest Presidents in recent history have been our worst Ė e.g. Carter and Clinton), Iíve finally resigned myself to the fact that he just doesnít meet the minimum standard necessary to serve as President.

Of course, his main opponent is not an option for me, either. What can I do when my choice is either someone who is intellectually insufficient or someone who is ethically and ideologically bankrupt? My answer: neither. Iím announcing today my intent to vote for Libertarian Harry Browne, and encouraging others to do so as well.

Browne is a candidate of unwavering principle Ė his campaign turned down $1 million in Federal matching funds because he doesnít believe in government-sponsored campaigns. He consistently advocates policies which promote greater personal freedom and less government intrusion. Heís the only candidate who, if elected, would actively seek to reduce his power as President by slashing bureaucracy, slashing spending, and slashing taxes.

If the Democrats and the Republicans wonít nominate candidates who are fit for the job, donít vote for them. Vote for Harry BrowneW

Ready? Maybe. Cash-strapped? The CBO thinks so.  W

[September 14, 2000]

We got a lovely wedding gift today - a candle with our wedding invitation embedded in it (and some dried flowers as well), which ought to be quite a lovely effect when lit. If you're wracking your brain trying to think of a wedding gift for someone you know, why not check them out? Heather Candles W

It sounds like something one might have done in college: George W. Bush eTrain. So who's the caboose? W

Former Republican Michael Forbes may lose in a 39-vote squeaker of a Democratic primary, to a complete political novice. Even if he wins the absentee ballots, he's damaged goods - too damaged to win. Chalk this one up to Republican candidate Felix GrucciW

Looks like the Gore campaign knows dirtier tricks with videotape. So where did this tape come from, and what else do they have? Thank goodness someone has a shred of integrity over there. W

[September 13, 2000]

Rich Galen writes:

No one - I guarantee you - no one in the Bush campaign is likely to have spent a dime on a subliminal message that Al Gore is a witty guy.

This, of course, is because the infamous ad (Video availble at CNN) contains another nefarious subliminal message: WIT - another word fragment that flashes onscreen briefly. Incidentally, the ad was sponsored by the RNC, not the Bush campaign.

If you haven't seen the video, you should. There's nothing "subliminal" about the piece at all, certainly not by today's advertising standards. This whole scandal is a media creation. If you've seen the video, and still think it's some kind of attempt to brainwash the voting public, you're really in the black helicopter crowed. W

Clearly, the answer is to give them more money: Government wasted billions of dollars. Medicare was the single largest offender, wasting more than ten billion dollars. Now that's who I want to see in charge of my parents' prescription medications! W

Mark Burnett writes about Gretchen in the new Survivor book:

The desire to see her win was almost unanimous. She was wholesome, she was a survivalist, she looked great in a bathing suit. She was worthy.

Looked good in a bathing suit? What is this, the Miss Pulau Tiga Pageant? W

Headline from CNN.com : "House Affirms Clinton Veto of Estate Tax Cut." This is why I left journalism -- what a shitty headline! It's not like the House said "Hey, you know, we were wrong the first time around, and we're so glad, Mr.President, that you showed us the light and vetoed this nasty bill. We affirm your veto." They couldn't muster the votes to override his dumb move! I could write a better headline in my sleep. W

Nader wins - duhW

[September 12, 2000]

Not predicted by your models: "global warming" predates industry.

Interestingly, that trend appears to have begun at least half a century before the profound buildup of greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels by humans.

I guess this means back to the drawing board - again. W

The Gore campaign has descended to new lows of silliness by accusing the Bush campaign of inserting subliminal messages in its TV ads. The producer of the ad had this to say:

"They've uncovered our rodent strategy," he said, laughing.

Exactly. I can think of a dozen better "subliminals" to plant if that were the game. Gore is a lying, class-baiting, tax-sucking big-government statist.

The Washington Post reported only part of this exchange:

"Me and my accountant, sometimes we have a tough time because I don't want to pay my taxes," she said. "I always do, but can you lower my taxes? I work so hard, Mr. President."

The Post didn't report the rest of it, but the MRC did:

"So what can you do about it?" she asked. "Not much, right now," Clinton responded. He said he'd like to have a special exemption for athletes, all but placing the next question on a tee for Williams. "Should I read your lips?" she asked.

Wow. And what's all this silliness about a special exemption for atheletes? That was just unneccesary and blatantly untrue pandering. He's never proposed such a thing, never will, and would be flayed by his party for doing so. Enough of the special-interest, "targeted" tax cuts - make cuts across the boardW

[September 11, 2000]

Where's My Latte? Over here.  W

News you already know: Gore Will Say Anything - Dot ComW

Anticpating a trade for Latrell Sprewell, Isiah Thomas offers Bobby Knight a job with the PacersW

Deadlines are approaching to register for SXSW. Although I really know I want to go, there's no way I can plan that far in advance. *sigh* I guess I'll just get stuck paying the higher rates... W

Growing up in Tampa, I saw a lot of Bucs games end 41-0. The Bucs were usually on the other end of scores like the loss they handed Chicago Sunday. Not anymore. Wow. W

[September 10, 2000]

Had we known Katy was in DC we just might have invited her along on our gathering so she could wax eloquent about the shortcomings of American beer. Too bad she failed to notify us. Let this be a lesson to you, fellow bloggers.

In other news, those of us who did show up (including Kevin, who refused to be eluded again) drank not-quite-too-much-beer and came back with Dineen and me to Ye Olde Homestead to drink yet more beer and torture our dog Tucker. So far, I've resisted putting up pictures of Tucker, but no more. Here he is, pound for pound the cutest dog in America. Or at least the East Coast. Tormentors included Kevin, John and Lor, Lyn and Steve, and Fred. But oddly, not DonW

Quoth Derek:

Adam has a great idea. Go tell Oprah to ask Al why he won't debate Ralph Nader.

I did just that. Why don't you? W

Everything you ever wanted to know about weblogs but were afraid to ask, answered by Matt HaugheyW

The Seminoles last night pulled out a squeaker against Georgia Tech, winning 26-21 after entering the final quarter trailing. It was a squandered opportunity for the Noles to take the top spot in the polls after #1 Nebraska barely survived #25 Notre Dame, winning in overtime. In brighter news, the Wildcats sealed Duke's doom 38-5, in what looks like the second game of a resurgence by this recent back-to-back Big Ten Champions, and the first time in 25 years they have gone 2-0. I wish more Wildcat games were scheduled for TV this year! W