December 07, 2002

A Lott of Stupidity

Who's the dumbest elected official in the land? It may well be Trent Lott.

I've never been a big fan of Lott's, but his recent remarks in praise of Strom Thurmond's racist run for President in 1948 are the final proof that Lott needs to get gone, gone, gone.

Now, let me be clear: I don't think Lott is a racist, or at least I don't think he intended to embrace a pro-segregationist viewpoint. But to forget what then-Democrat Thurmond stood for in 1948, and the absolute poison that his run symbolized, is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have seen a politician do in Washington. Even Senator Byrd's recent use of the n-word wasn't as stupid, because modern Democrats are effectively bulletproof on charges of racism. Republicans are especially not.

Get gone, Trent.

UPDATE: The Agitator and Patiopundit endorse Bill Frist for Senate Majority Leader.

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