April 12, 2002 

Catch the latest updates Leslie Harpold vs. Sarah Hubert fighting for hoopla.com over on MeFiW

"Lord, if you are listening, smite these evil clowns." Apparently, NetSol has done this before. W

 April 11, 2002 

Things I know are true and you should too:

I'm not the first one to notice this, but since Israel began its recent military operations several days ago, there has been only one suicide bomber, as opposed to the once-per-day bombs that Israel saw before that. Their strategy has worked to save Israeli lives, defense of its people's lives and freedom being the ultimate purpose of government.

When Israel moved against Arafat, I was told that Israel "just doesn't get it." But they get it exactly right. Arafat's goal is, and always has been, to destroy the Israeli nation. He will not stop. Hew will not soften. He will only disguise his ultimate goal for temporary advantage. To treat Yasser Arafat as anything less than a sponsor of terror - like the Taliban, like Saddam Hussein, and their ilk - is a mistake. W

 April 10, 2002 

Damn, this makes my blood boil. According to textism and nothing, some pirate named Sarah Hubert stole Leslie Harpold's well-regarded hoopla.com domain out from under her. According to Leslie:

They think (no one is willing to commit to any answer) there may have been a faxed request (faked? forged?) to have the domain transferred to this Sarah person which gave them “my” permission for the transfer (naturally I wrote no such letter, sent no such fax, and I haven’t been in Germany since 1995). So the person swiped it, simply by faxing a forged letter to NetSol as best I can tell. I got no notice via email or land mail, they just did it on the authority of a fax.

Sounds like there might be a breach of contract going on, among other things. W

Recycled LinkBret has it right: for Glenn Reynolds to say that Neale Talbot doesn't quite get blogging is absolutely ridiculous. It shows that Professor Reynolds engaged in some uncharacteristic laziness - a simple glance at the archives would have shown that Neale has ben "getting" blogging since November 5, 1999 (just a few days before this author). Not only is it lazy, it's arrogant, that the Johnny-come-lately Reynolds claims to have a monopoly on "getting" blogging. Well, at least he admits he wasn't in his right mind when he posted it.

On the other hand, I've read InstaPundit for long enough to know that Reynolds blogs for the same reason I do - he loves to shoot his mouth off about politics. He doesn't say it in so many words, but it's obvious from his writings. He didn't start blogging with a profit motive in mind, and his current use of the "tip jar" to accept donations doesn't prove that he's now trying to profit from tragedy. Neale's insistence that it does... well, that's just more linkslutting. Enough post hoc ergo propter hoc and the whole world goes blind. W

I've been focused elsewhere lately.

Although I don't normally handle criminal matters, one of my clients found himself in the awkward position of being arrested for a felony that he didn't commit. I agreed to handle it.

Yesterday was the preliminary hearing, the time in which the court determines whether there's probable cause to charge the defendant with a crime. My client was nervous - he hadn't done anything wrong, and was afraid he might go to jail. I was nervous - my client had a lot riding on me. As you might imagine, I've spent a lot of time recently preparing for the hearing.

Fortunately, it all worked out - the charge was nonsense, the state realized it, and agreed to drop the charges. My client is a free man and I remain undefeated in felony cases.

I intend to stay that way; I hope to never handle another criminal matter again. But I definitely earned my living yesterday. W

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