January 30, 2004


Geoff points out that the Fray Cafe 3 CD is now featured in the iTunes music store.

I'm on the CD.

Holy crap, I'm for sale on the iTunes music store.

More to the point, there are a lot of other talented story-tellers also in the compilation. I have the CD, and I was there live, and I can tell you that every one is worth listening to, and certainly worth a few pennies to have forever.

I'm going to have to pick my story VERY carefully for this coming year.

(Full disclosure - I make NO money from this and had no idea whatsoever that the CD would be released to ITMS.)

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January 26, 2004

Your Meat

The importance of resting it.

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Spammerz are Stoopid

E-mail marketers profess confusion about how to comply with the new federal law they wrote to abolish state regulation of spam.

Since the first of the year, the e-mail marketing industry has operated under the Can-Spam Act (full name: Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act), a federal antispam law so business-friendly, its critics say it might have been written by direct-marketing lobbyists.
But e-mail marketers attending the Spam and the Law Conference in San Francisco Thursday said some aspects of Can-Spam remain unclear. They are uneasy about potential exposure to lawsuits by government agencies and private Internet access providers.

Well, here it is in a nutshell.

  • Don't forge headers.
  • Don't harvest e-mail from web sites.
  • Honor "unsubscribe" requests.
  • Don't worry about state laws that used to regulate you.

That's pretty much all you need to know about spamming. Of course, most spam laws wouldn't be necessary if all spammers would honor the first and foremost rule of commerce, online or otherwise:

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Who Invented the Scream?

In the course of drafting the previous entry, it occurred to me....

What would have happend if Al Gore gave speech like Dean did in Iowa?

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Return of the Draft

This Wired article on Amazon.com's campaign contribution center led me to surfing around a couple of the web sites for the candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for President.

It seems to me like this crop emphasize, rather than help dispel, the party's insistence for being a little nutty. One claims that his chances to beat the incumbent are "not unrealistic." He's either lying or so far divorced from reality that he should be disqualified. (I suspect the former; it's an occupantional hazard of running for office.)

Another advocates that prisoners should be confined to bed rest instead of being allowed to exercise, and should be required to submit regular book reports.

Sheer genius, in a Dave Barry kind of way.

This got me to thinking again about the one true libertarian holding office at the federal level - a man who consistently acts in accord with libertarian and constitutional principles even if it means he's the only "no" vote in the room.

He may be the last electable politician to carry the banner of the Libertarian Party into the presidential fray. By "electable" I mean both that he lives in a world of principle, not fantasy, and also that he has won successive elections to an office more important than the local water district. I wondered again if I was the first person to think of a draft movement for him.

Not a chance. The movement has begun.

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January 22, 2004

Munch This

So I'm still waiting for someone to print up a "Dean for Amerika" shirt using this image.

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Thanks to Sid I now know that Bob Mould has a blog and apparently had a regular DJ gig here in DC.

I think that's something I'd like to see at least once.

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January 21, 2004

Extended Absence

"sorry for the extended absence. i just discovered this internet thingy has porn all over it."

Well, not really. With tabbed browsing I can blog and surf porn at the same time.

For those of you who have been following along in the program, you'll know that I've been spending a lot of time as a father, as a lawyer, and some other extracurricular activities, like a fantastic Simon & Garfunkel concert. I even caught up on a mailing list that I had a 13,000 message backlog. I kid you not.

In the meantime, it seemed like there was little time or desire to blog, or even reading most other blogs. So I took a little time off until the spirit moved me.

So I'm moved tonight. To tap the microphone, see if it's still on... look around and wonder why the hell no one's reading this thing anymore except to check out the terminal velocity of a falling bullet.

Oh, yeah. Three months gone. Maybe the next four years will go a bit more smoothly.

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