Perpetual Beta and its perpetrator

The prime suspect

I was born in the wee hours of the morning in a northern city which shall remain nameless. As soon as I could both walk and talk, I persuaded my parents to move to Florida, which I still consider Utop- I mean, home.

I left home at 18 to attend Northwestern University and then Florida State University for law school. I lived in the Washington, D.C. area for several years before finally returning home to Florida.

I am a lawyer by trade and by training, and founded Ricardo, Wasylik, & Kaniuk PL, with offices throughout Florida. Despite my career choice, I've been told that I'm a likeable guy. Don't worry, I don't believe it either.

I like to write sentences beginning with the letter I.

About the domain

Perpetual Beta is my web playground. Since I'm only a web geek in my minimal spare time, much of what I do doesn't work the first time around. The name Perpetual Beta means exactly what it sounds like - everything here is strictly in beta release, and it's going to stay that way. I'm constantly playing, tinkering, re-working, and otherwise tweaking the site. It might not work right. I might not care. Enter at your own peril, and hopefully, a little delight.